Mediation is a process of third party involvement to effect a mutually satisfactory settlement. Mediation as a means of settling disputes is getting a great deal of attention these days.


1. Mediation success. Eighty-five percent of mediated cases settle.

2. Mediation is fast. Most mediations are a half day or a day. Litigated cases take years.

3. Cost effective. Mediation is a fraction of the cost of depositions, expert witness fees, jury fees and, of course, attorney’s fees and costs. The San Diego Superior Court initial filing fee is $435.00 alone. To take an average automobile injury case to trial costs between $18,000 and $110,000. The cost of a day long mediation is $1,500 - $3,000.

4. Control. The minute you walk into the courtroom you lose control of your case. You do not decide the outcome of your case. The judge or jury does. In mediation you control the outcome of your case, not the mediator. This is because mediation is a voluntary process. The role of the mediator is to bring the parties together in a safe and hopeful place to facilitate a conversation. This environment allows the parties to remain in control of their case outside.

5. Peace of Mind & Quality of Life. Mediation your dispute sooner than later saves money and buys you quality of life. Resolving a thorny legal dispute allows you to enjoy your days without years of worry and anxiety about your case.